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Termite Lifecycle
Termite Lifecycle
The King and Queen are the center of every termite colony. The Queen's sole purpose is to reproduce. She may live up to 25 years and lay thousands of eggs each year.  
Eggs are cared for by workers during a two-week incubation period before passing into the nymph stage.  
Nymphs mature and become one of the following:  
Supplementary Reproductives act as replacements for the Queen if she should die. They may also produce eggs even if the Queen is healthy to help increase the colony size.  
Soldiers with strong armored heads and strong jaws have the sole function of defending the colony from enemies like ants.  
Workers represent most of the termites in the colony. Blind and sterile, they forage for the colony food, build and repair the nest and tubes, and care for the other termites. Workers are the most likely to infest wood and cause damage.  
Winged Reproductives will eventually leave the colony as "Swarmers." After swarming, they shed their wings and pair up. Each pair attempts to burrow into the soil and begin a new colony.